Documents for 2017 Administrators' Days
"Nebraska Social Studies Summit & Civic Readiness"Please download the following documents for discussion:


Social Studies Standards Instructional Tool (SIT)
The Social Studies Standards Instructional Tool (SIT) was developed by a group of Nebraska teachers. The SIT is a speadsheet that contains the K-12 Nebraska State Social Studies Standards, apps and websites to help teach the standards and a justification as to why the app/website was chosen.

NETA Fall Conference 2016
Please download the information below-

Link to the NEEDGIS Website

DRAFT 4TH Grade Interdisciplinary MaterialsThe Giganto Nebraska Map and Virtual Capitol Tour lessons were created by Nebraska teachers to supplement fourth grade social studies, math, science and fine arts. The Giganto Nebraska Map lessons are created to accompany the 20' x 16' floor map. Information on how to reserve a Giganto map is found in the following document:

The Virtual Capitol Tour lessons are pre and post teaching lessons for the online tour of the Capitol in Lincoln. The Virtual Capitol tour can be found online at

These lessons are available for teachers to download and field-test in their classrooms. After field-testing, please complete the Interdisciplinary Lesson Evaluation and email to the address on the form.
Thank you in advance for field-testing these lessons.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Interdisciplinary Lesson Evaluation Link

Giganto "Big" Nebraska 4th Grade Map Draft Lessons

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Virtual Capitol Draft Lessons

GIS Materials
Materials to Download for GIS workshops

What is the mission of Social Studies?

Reading Like A Historian
Lexington Green

Social Studies Trade Books from the National Council for the Social Studies

National Geographic Storybooks and PreK-6 Activities

Free i-Books
NDE Free i-Books

PDF's of Nebraska Maps

GIS Action Game for Kids
GIS for Elementary Students

Story Maps

What is a story map?
Story Map Gallery

Soil Conservation/GIS Workshop Resources
Nebraska GIS WebsiteGIS Info Click Here

Story Map Webinar

Financial Literacy Resources

EverFi Overview

Details on how to set up an accountSetting Up an EverFi Account
Announcement about EverFi from the State Treasurer's Office

Documents to help with the Nebraska State Social Studies Standards
Nebraska Social Studies Laws

Resources for Nebraska State Social Studies Standards

Core Areas Resources

Nominate a Deserving Social Studies Teacher TODAY!!!!!!!

Link to Gilder Lehrman Nebraska History Teacher of the Year Nomination

Visual Discovery Method Information

Soil/GIS Workshop Data

Workshop Agendas